Best Colourful Design and Decoration Tips for your Home.

Best Colourful Design and Decoration Tips for your Home.

Jo Thornhill

Photography by James Gardiner 

Joanna Thornhill, Interior Designer

On paper, this room shouldn’t be lovely at all – tiny, with barely any room for even a bed, and crammed with bright colours and clashing patterns. But in reality, this space, which I shot for my book Home for Now, is actually one of my favourite bedrooms I’ve ever worked in. This gorgeous sea green hue breathes life into this bijou space, whilst ingenious storage ideas, such as using a wall-mounted telephone table instead of a bedside unit, and hanging storage pockets on the wall, make best use of the available space. It proves that if you have courage in your design convictions, you can make anything work, whatever the challenge.

colourful bedroom ideas

Image courtesy of Geraldine Tan

Geraldine Tan, Interior Blogger

This children’s bedroom is my 8-year-old son’s room, styled and photographed by myself. It’s a modern Breton themed bedroom. I styled this bedroom in the autumn to bring a fresh, bright and happy feel to the room. I made sure that a cosy feel is maintained, with the soft throw on the bed for bedtime tucking in and the cushion for casual lounging. Everything is positioned conveniently, such as the comforting bedside light, an accessible bedside table for his drink and storage below his table for toys. Next to his bed is a laundry bag which encourages tidiness. To the right of his bed is a large shelf of favourite books, recently converted to his workspace. To the left of his bed is an empty area for running around with friends.


Image courtesy of Cat Dal Interiors

Cat Dal, Interior Designer

This is a gorgeous example of a modern bohemian loft bedroom, achieving a relaxed and simple yet cosy atmosphere. I love the calming green walls and watercolour artwork which create a sense of calm, contrasted against the textured printed tapestry hanging over the headboard. Colour in the bedroom is such a brilliant way to create a positive, uplifting feeling every morning to wake up to. Natural fabrics such as linen add to the bohemian vibe, and the Scandi minimal table lamps perfectly finish off the crisp, clean, totally inviting environment. 


Image courtesy of Kia Designs

Kia Stanford, Interior Designer

I love this luxurious bedroom designed for a colour blind client. The careful mix of pattern and texture maximises the visual impact he gets from it, without being overwhelming for anyone else. It’s a large, bright space that could take a lot of colour without looking busy, and can easily absorb big pieces (the bed is actually a super king). The walk-in wardrobe has a to-die-for amount of storage in addition to the three massive wardrobes alongside the bed, which allows for everything to be put away and hidden so that you can enjoy the bright colours and still have a tranquil space to escape to. Deep jewel tones, such as the turquoise Porta Romana Thread lamps,  and matt metallics allow the scheme to be both rich and restful. The style is very much that of a small boutique hotel – creative and encouraging. It’s not a room you go to unwind and declutter your mind – it’s an exciting destination in itself. Every texture is interesting,  inviting and playful. The Stark carpet is wonderfully soft under food, and the silk bed throw from Soak and Sleep has a luxurious and subtle sheen to it.


Image courtesy of Lauren Gilberthorpe Interiors

Lauren Gilberthorpe, Interior Designer

For me, symmetry is a really effective feature in bedroom designs. We used these matching bedside tables and lamps to create a sense of balance which work perfectly to ground what is quite a bold and colourful room. I always go for a really crisp clean white bed linen, it automatically makes a space feel more elegant and provides the perfect foundation for colourful soft furnishings. Finally, texture is always an important consideration. In the above bedroom, the mixture of wooden and metallic finishes create contrast in the room whilst also making it feel more contemporary. Layering texture is essential in any scheme but I would say even more so in a neutral bedroom scheme where texture adds depth and dimension.


Image courtesy of Coral Interiors / SHR Photography

Helen Winter, Coral Interiors

This master bedroom in a grand, light-filled house in Dorchester has lofty ceilings and huge sash windows. We reinstated the cornice and picture rail to balance out the scale of the room and visually lower the ceiling. The owners were initially nervous moving from magnolia to indigo blue walls, but Farrrow and Ball ‘Pitch Blue’ in this south facing room adds depth and drama. The rich blue is punctuated with the warm mustard of the tall bedside lamps and accessories, and the geometric embroidered curtains keep the large windows from over-powering the space.


Image courtesy of Thompson Clarke

Sara Thompson, Thompson Clarke

At Thompson Clarke, we love to balance colour and pattern with classic tones and designs which is exactly what you can see here – take the pink ikat cushions on the crisp white bed linen with its pink piping, and then the multi-coloured rug which works beautifully set against the neutral wall colour. This bedroom is flooded with light so we wanted to keep it bright and fresh with pops of colour, but also make it super comfortable and inviting. A good mantra when it comes to interior design is, ‘nothing should match – beautiful things always go together’ – that’s my rule of thumb.


Interior design by Emma Gurner, Folds. Photography by Frenchie Christogatin 

Eva Sonaike, Interior Blogger

I absolutely love this loft bedroom by Emma Gurner, as it is cosy and welcoming, but contemporary and minimalist at the same time. I like the colour scheme of dark blue and pink, which is very feminine and the wooden built-in wardrobes give the rooms a masculine edge, so it speaks to both men and women. The pink lampshade with the copper base is a show stopper and I can imagine it gives the room a warm and cosy feel I the dark.

colourful bedroom ideas

Image courtesy of Heart Home Magazine

David White & Mark Russell, Interior Bloggers

We love this look because of the fresh take on what could potentially be a period interior. The yellow wall brings it bang up-to-date, freshening the space and bringing the whole room to life. The antique touches of mismatched frames, the oversized wooden bed, stripped back floorboards and the old chandelier contrast perfectly with the statement wall giving it oodles of character. The picture rail breaks up the room giving it plenty of height but the patchwork quilt, rug and cushions keep the room cosy.

girly bedroom ideas

Image Courtesy of Warehouse Home magazine; styling by Carole Poirot; photography by Charlie Surbey

Sophie Bush, Editor, Warehouse Home

This beautiful soft industrial bedroom featured on the cover of the launch issue of Warehouse Home magazine– and it’s proved very popular ever since! The original features of a warehouse conversion, such as exposed brickwork, can often feel ‘hard’ and ‘masculine’. Old and new steel furniture is especially striking in such spaces but can also feel cold. When styling the Warehouse Home bedroom (above), we wanted to prove that industrial chic can have a softer side. A bespoke galvanised steel pipe bed, designed exclusively for Warehouse Home by Urban Grain, was the focal point of our warehouse bedroom. And beside it, a vintage industrial bedside cabinet. We then used a ‘masculine and feminine’ palette of greys and blush pinks and a variety of textured fabrics (linen, tweed, velvet), to bring warmth to our bedroom and soften the industrial look. Select vintage accessories complemented the warehouse conversion’s heritage features, while flowers and decorative vintage glassware further enhanced the ‘femininity’ of the space.

Add some colour to your bedroom

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Minimalist Bedrooms


Image courtesy of Amara

Elena Jackson, Interior Designer

The look of the spare bedroom, if you are lucky enough to have one, is often neglected. However, it is very important to get right so that guests feel both welcome and appreciated. I love this look, especially during springtime as it’s so fresh and seasonal. The monochromatic white base palette is broken up by the green and subtly complemented by the texture of the throw and cushion. The plants, the soft curve of the wall/ceiling and the wooden beam give this shabby chic corner a botanical look, while the metallic frames and gold touch in the lamp and bedside table legs add a touch of sophistication. Artificial plants nowadays are amazingly realistic so I would probably just add natural garden flowers on the bedside table to keep maintenance to a minimum.


Image courtesy of Ineko Home

Debi Avery, Ineko Home

Nothing surpasses the tranquillity of seeing your warm, cosy bed after a long day. With your bedroom being the haven for calming relaxation, we aim to heighten these emotions through our complementing interior choices. Here we tailored pastel colours, delicate prints and soft lighting to orchestrate the perfect ambience to help you unwind. To us, the smallest details are essential. Carefully balanced colour hues across selected prints are revisited in our chunky knit. A blissful interior harmony that will ease your mind and leave you to falling in love with your very own haven time and time again.

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